AK Alfa 7.62x39 Semiauto
AK Alfa 7.62x39 Semiauto
AK Alfa



An Lager
CHF 2090.00

Hartman Reflex Sight BLK MH1-B + Fr. 865.-


The AK Alfa is a revolutionary approach to
weapons upgrades.
A handpicked team of snipers and engineers
from the IDF special forces designed the
Alfa rifle to allow the shooter to maximize
his shooting abilities, with the most reliable
weapon on the planet. Using the “engine” of
the AK, and a modern-day “body” is the apex
of technology.

→ Ambidextrous safety lever - can be
operated without releasing hand
from pistol grip.
→ Left or right charging handle.
→ Forward and push down ambidextrous
magazine release.
→ Interchangeable pistol grip panels, two
fit all users. Can be added or subtracted
depending on hand size.
→ A long 43cm upper picattiny rail. Allows
the use of all standard optics, night vision,
flashlights, lasers, bipods, etc.
→ 3 detachable and replaceable bottom and
side picattiny rails (3 sizes).
→ Improved trigger – shorter cycle.
→ Folding and retractable stock with
adjustable cheek rest.
→ Cutting-edge compensator which assists
reducing recoil and muzzle flash.